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The Madrona - Originally built in the San Juan Islands in Washington State, the cabin was named after the majestic tree that bares its’ namesake, it is also known here in BC as the Arbutus tree, the most famous of these trees is found on Savary Island, BC.
The original version with no optional side room.
Bavarian Cottages original Madrona cabin model
The Madrona is one of our most requested models!  This building is a perfect family starter cabin that can easily accommodate a family of four.  We at Bavarian want you to enjoy your time at the cabin and not have to worry and stress about working more to help pay for your new investment. As with most of our cabins, you will find this one a very affordable solution to owning a cabin.  It features a nice 5’ covered deck that allows you to move some of your living outside and take advantage of the beautiful weather.  As you can see from some of the pictures,  our cabins are very easily modified to fit your growing  needs.  The original Madrona started out in the 16 x 16 size but then the client asked to add an additional room since they were using the cabin far more than they expected. So we sent out a kit to add an additional wing on to the left to help with their growing needs.  You too can customize any of our models to fit your needs.  Not every site will be the same and this cabin has done well on a rock bluff on the ocean or nestled cozily in amongst trees.  This model can be adjusted and made larger over time to do it all. We even have a version with TWO additional wings for even more space. The possibilities are endless.  If you want a larger main cabin to add on to, we also have a larger version of the Madrona  called the “La Casa” which can be found here
Madrona with first additional room
Bavarian Cottages Madrona cabin model with addition
Madrona with two additional rooms



Sample floorplan of the Madrona. There are many different plans that can be fit into the footprint but this is an example of what one clients did.



Madrona cabin kitchen
Kitchen of Madrona
Bathroom of the Madrona - Bavarian Cottages