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We can build you a home AFFORDABLY. Most of the homes we do are BUILT for under $125 per sq.ft. including materials !!! Compare our prices, you won't find anyone even close to that for a custom home. That includes architectural design work using our in house team for fast turn around and easy changes. We also are one of the few builders that will build to almost any completion level you want so you can save big money doing the finishing yourself as you want and can afford it.


Here are a few pictures of custom homes we have recently built. As with our cabin line, we build everything custom so we encourage you to find a plan and look you like and then contact us and we can us it as a starting point to modify it just the way you want it. This is the least expensive way to start. Today, with the ease of using the internet, there are literally dozens of websites that show thousands of floorplans and homes already pre drawn so this is the best way to start designing a new home for yourself. If you don't see anything you like or are finding it easier just to draw it up on paper or on the computer yourself, that is just fine with us too. We can use what you have as a starting point to develop a new set of blue prints that can be used to get permit to build.

This is a custom 1300 sq.ft summer/future retirement home .
This 2700 sq.ft home is still under construction, more photos soon !
1300 sq.ft home


Interior photos not necessarily related to the above homes but of projects we have done.