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Benefits of Steel Roofing


Considering steel roofing? Here are some of the many reasons steel is the best choice for roofing.

Lightweight – At approximately 1 lb. per square foot, steel roofing is lighter than both concrete roofing (10 lbs per square foot) and asphalt roofing (5 lbs. per square foot). This places less stress on your building.

Weather Resistant – Steel roofing won't shrink, crack, split, curl or rot. It has been tested to resist acid rain, winds up to 110 mph, hail damage, high temperatures, sun exposure and other weather conditions. It will retain its color and shape better than other roofing materials, won't rust, and you won't have to replace missing shingles or patch leaks.

Fire Resistant – Steel roofing won't catch or transfer fire and resists premature cave-in in cases of interior fire and prevents fires in areas where a wildfire may break out as the roof is often the first place a hot ember will land.

Customizable – Steel roofing can mimic the look of wood, copper, stone or clay roofing without facing decay problems. It also comes in variety of style and color choices perfectly suited to fit any design or architecture.

Reduced Heat and Sound – Steel roofing is designed to transfer heat away from your interior, unlike asphalt which retains heat. With proper insulation your building will stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter, saving you money on energy and heating costs. Don't worry about the sound of rain; our steel is designed to minimize sound transference, keeping your interior peaceful even if the storm outside isn't.

Reduced Disposal Costs – Replacing your roof can be a big hassle if your need to get rid of old tiles or shingles. Steel roofing can be applied over most pre-existing roofing, saving you time and money.

Built to Last – Metal Roofing when applied properly should last as long as the structure itself so that means you should never have to apply another roof again.